Sunday, March 21, 2010

Santosha Yoga

Once in a lifetime epic adventures are something that you just can't say 'no' to. Over Christmas when my aunt Sunny asked if I wanted to come to Bali with her for a month long yoga teacher training course, I hesitated for about half a heartbeat and then said "sure, why not!" And really, why not? I'm 25 and haven't yet started a career or have a mortgage or a family of my own yet, so really, when else in your life are you going to be able to pick up and travel Australia and Indonesia for two and a half months? 

As a perpetual planner, I'm taking a completely different approach with this trip--all I have is a round trip flight from San Francisco to Sydney and then a one way ticket from Tasmania, where my aunt and uncle live, to Bali. The rest is up in the air and I couldn't be more anxious/scared/excited about it!  I will also be spending my birthday in Bali, which I think makes for a pretty good start to my 26th year.

I'm attaching a link to the yoga retreats company my aunt Sunny founded in case any one else feels inspired and wants to take a month off to learn yoga and how to surf.


  1. hey you little tumbleweed. i just looked up that website-- it looks INCREDIBLE. what a perfect place to learn yoga, surfing AND ring in your 26th!!

  2. Wow Em, I am so excited for you. This sounds absolutely amazing & I must say I wish I was going with you. You are such a go getter & you take every step to make your life as full as possible. I really look up to that :) I cannot wait to hear & see all about it.
    Om Shanti Namate,
    Miss you

  3. you are going to have a ball! get over there already so i can read the adventures!!! :) :) love you and june 1 overseas!!!! SUCH AN AMAZING BDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo