Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rehoboth beach, DE

For one last summer beach hoorah, my cousin Melissa invited me to join her, her daughter Consuelo, and a couple friends to her family's beach house in Rehoboth beach, Delaware. Upon arrival I was instantly smitten with the house--bought by her great-grandmother shortly after WWII, this house wrote the book on shabby chic.  Every nook and cranny held some little treasure collected over a 60+ year span of family summer vacations, happily situated 4 houses down from the beach. I never wanted to leave!
our adorable retreat

the front porch where everyone hangs out

so nautical

my sweet little bedroom

including ensuite sink!

if I could, I would always shower outside

words to live by

a.m. hugs

dancing on the beach

pure joy

Rehoboth beach, you are fantastic.

Oh, and beware the outlet malls on the way back to D.C....they're extremely dangerous!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Daytrip to Manly beach, or, Adventures in ferry driving

On the day before I left to head back to the States, Gali and I took a little day trip over to Manly in the Northern part of the city, first making a little stop into Circular Quay to see the modern art museum. The weather started clearing up as we boarded the ferry to head over from the museum to Manly, so Gali prompted me to "play the tourist" and ask one of the ferry workers where the best view would be of the Harbor from the boat deck. In typical super-helpful Australian fashion, she proceeded to give us a break down of possible vantage points and turns that the ferry would make. We thanked her and headed inside to grab some tea for the 30 min. journey over to Manly. 
With tea purchased we made our way to the deck where we ran into our super helpful friend again and she quickly exclaimed, "oh I've been looking for your ladies everywhere! Come with me..." and led us through 'staff only' doors and up staircases, finally arriving at the main control room with the Captain and his first mate. Super excited for this turn of events and our VIP view of the Harbor, Gali and I couldn't believe our luck, but things got even sillier when they let us steer the ferry for a good portion of the journey! I will say, it's a lot harder than it looks, the reaction time from steering the wheel (please excuse my lack of nautical terminology) to the ferry actually turning that way seems like ages, but if you go too far, it really goes...I will never look at ferries the same way again.

Yet another example of Australians just being super nice for no other reason than to be nice and have a good time! Love that country...
can I live here please?

North Sydney and Luna Park


Opera house from Circular Quay

our ferry over to Manly

and yes, that's Gali steering the ferry!

both Gali and I look like we're getting away with something...

"yeah, just fluctuate 5 degrees or so to the right or left..."
"well, I'm already past 10, is that bad?"
"nah, it's alright, though the guy in the back of the ferry might not be feeling too good right about now..."

we let the Captain bring us to port


such a lovely warm day!

then the clouds started rolling in again...

Sydney Harbor

Sydney--better late than never!

After my three extra weeks in Bali touring around, I spent a few days in Sydney with my new friend Gali before making the journey back to the States. I keep only getting little tastes of Australia, first 10 days in Tasmania, now 4 in Sydney...and in winter too! However I already have such a soft spot for the place, everyone I've met is ridiculously nice, there's beautiful landscape, and great shopping! Australia's so much like other English speaking countries that I instantly feel comfortable there, yet they totally have their own rhythm and flavor. I really can't wait to go back!

view from Gali and Ben's front yard...perfection!

Harbor Bridge

part of the city

when you're with a Brit in the winter time, you drink mulled wine, end of story.

next day, flower shop around the corner

loved these little beautes.

our mission to the Donna Hay store--I guess even eggs get cold...


 think I need this culinary bible

a bit obsessed with this store, obvi

happy with our purchases!

on to the fish market

mucho pulpo!

trip to Manly Beach to be continued...