Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sydney--better late than never!

After my three extra weeks in Bali touring around, I spent a few days in Sydney with my new friend Gali before making the journey back to the States. I keep only getting little tastes of Australia, first 10 days in Tasmania, now 4 in Sydney...and in winter too! However I already have such a soft spot for the place, everyone I've met is ridiculously nice, there's beautiful landscape, and great shopping! Australia's so much like other English speaking countries that I instantly feel comfortable there, yet they totally have their own rhythm and flavor. I really can't wait to go back!

view from Gali and Ben's front yard...perfection!

Harbor Bridge

part of the city

when you're with a Brit in the winter time, you drink mulled wine, end of story.

next day, flower shop around the corner

loved these little beautes.

our mission to the Donna Hay store--I guess even eggs get cold...


 think I need this culinary bible

a bit obsessed with this store, obvi

happy with our purchases!

on to the fish market

mucho pulpo!

trip to Manly Beach to be continued...


  1. i want that leather jacket...

  2. and by "leather" do you mean "polyurethane"? Cause it's a cheapy from Target...oh yeah.