Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rehoboth beach, DE

For one last summer beach hoorah, my cousin Melissa invited me to join her, her daughter Consuelo, and a couple friends to her family's beach house in Rehoboth beach, Delaware. Upon arrival I was instantly smitten with the house--bought by her great-grandmother shortly after WWII, this house wrote the book on shabby chic.  Every nook and cranny held some little treasure collected over a 60+ year span of family summer vacations, happily situated 4 houses down from the beach. I never wanted to leave!
our adorable retreat

the front porch where everyone hangs out

so nautical

my sweet little bedroom

including ensuite sink!

if I could, I would always shower outside

words to live by

a.m. hugs

dancing on the beach

pure joy

Rehoboth beach, you are fantastic.

Oh, and beware the outlet malls on the way back to D.C....they're extremely dangerous!


  1. You've been an outdoor showerer since way back to our Pace days. Showering amongst the banana leaves. It's the best!

  2. that home is DIVINE!

    loving the words to live by

  3. wish i had an outdoor shower. we should have made this happen at Cleveland House!

  4. haha, I'm sure the Barzels would have just LOVED that little addition!

  5. what a wonderful house... i see why you never wanted to leave again... viele grüsse, kristina