Monday, January 24, 2011

Road Trip Weekend

This weekend was, to me, what being young and carefree is all about. Random, unexpected opportunity and a whole lot of fun as a result! Friday night I had my date with the admirer and it was the type of date to call your mom about. Great guy, manners, conversation that makes you forget what time it is (1am leaving the restaurant...oops!). All in all, a good time. 

Saturday I took a little roadtrip to Frederick, MD with a couple of girlfriends. A big barn full of fun, antique furniture & gifts, great vintage clothing shops, colonial architecture, and cute hipster cafes. 
welcome to Frederick, MD

at the barn (Chartreuse & Co, if any DC locals are interested)

tempted to get this for my boss...he's British and has a flair for the dramatic at times. 

Valentine's Day was a theme at the barn. Too cute, right?
Cafe Nola on Patrick St.

Then, Saturday night, at a friend's house for game night, met a couple of people who invited me to go skiing with them the next day, and spent all of Sunday hitting the slopes at Whitetail, in Southern Pennsylvania. It was great! Today I may be feeling the effects of the cold, but spur of the moment roadtrips are not to be passed up - it falls into my motto of 'just say yes'!
 Sorry no pictures of the mountain, I was too busy dodging 6 yr old kamikaze snowboarders.

and now downing this today like it's my job...


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