Thursday, January 6, 2011

Joining in on the fun

*Editor's note: I have decided to start taking a photo-a-day in hopes of expanding the way I see everyday life. I often notice little things as I am walking to and from work, going to the grocery, grabbing drinks with friends. So why not share them? After all, the blog is called "document everything"...

Jan. 5, 2011

So I thought I'd pull a Sadie/Ash/Kendall and pile it on my wrist today. I never think about the wrist, I'm always more concerned about the neck and the ears, but after chatting with a coworker yesterday, I was inspired to give it another try. And I have to say, as I'm typing away here at work (yes, I realize blogging at work is probably a big no-no), i'm liking the jingle-jangle musical that's happening. So maybe I am a late adopter, but it's never too late to pile it on!


  1. i love the sound of my bangles so much that occasionally i will wear them to the gym. :) weird i know, right?

  2. love this em! and missed your blog! miss you too! xoxoxo

  3. Yes, a few years ago--she said she never wore it for some reason!