Thursday, June 3, 2010

Birthdays in Bali

It's been the week of birthdays here at the villa, so naturally we've been celebrating like girls on holiday should...lots of dinners, wine, and pampering. 
some of the ladies at Cafe Bali in Seminyak

Marianne, Sally, and Karine

Happy Birthday Jess!

I just liked this gallery in Seminyak

at Sukerti for Marianne's birthday

Luckily my birthday fell on one of our days off, so with 8 ladies in tow, we started off with lunch on the beach then had a half day at the spa (which words can't even describe how amazing it was!) followed by dinner in Seminyak.  It's going to be hard to top this birthday next year, that's for sure!

birthday kiss

celebratory ice cream at Echo Beach

pretty chandelier at dinner

all of the birthday girls: jess, me, marianne, and jackie

sushi, dumplings, and kir royale...yummm

birthday song

and yes there were sparklers involved...

not a bad way to turn 26, eh?


  1. em! so amazing!!!! I love it and love you!!! so glad you had such a blast!!!! xoxo

  2. AMAZING!!!! Let's celebrate again when you get home!!

  3. looks like you had a fabulous birthday. can't wait to re-celebrate with you (specifically with sparklers and ice cream) when you're back!!

  4. Glad you had the sparklers too- it just makes it, doesn't it?

    Keep having fun!

  5. You are one hot 26 year old!! I love that you got pampered on your birthday.
    you are beautiful.

  6. Sounds almost as good as your birthday party at the roller rink! ;) Very nice!!! Love you and miss you!

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