Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sunrise hike to Mt Batur...or, longest and greatest day in Bali

I love it when I have way too many pictures and love them all too much to narrow down which ones to post...therefore, my trip to the volcano, Mt Batur, will have to be a series. I hope you all enjoy taking the trip with me!

The girls with Lanang, an employee at the Villa, love of our lives, and ex tour guide who came out of retirement to take us up the volcano that his family has lived near for generations. 

The fog ebbed and flowed all morning, changing the view every few minutes.

Alexa in front of the scene of the crime...and by crime I mean the moldy bread and banana sandwiches that Lanang proudly made us for breakfast after hiking in the dark for 2 hours.

sun a little bit higher...


I promise she's not superimposed, the lighting was THAT good!

Mountain and valley below

we had a good time with the photoshoot, so please excuse gratuitous sassiness.

Alexa in the hills

Guess which one is the fitness instructor, the ballerina, and the Japanese tourist!

While Marianne, Jay, and Alexa did the vertical climb to the very top of the volcano, Sally and I took the (sort of) leisurely route springs and ice cream awaited and we have priorities.

to be continued...


  1. what an amazing adventure! Can't wait to see the rest. xoxo Kendall and Mr. Binx

  2. Wooooooooow, Emily!

    Kudos on the ice cream choice.

  3. FABULOUS!!!!! Also can't wait to see Chapter Two! Love ya and miss ya! xoxo

  4. SO BEAUTIFUL! Em you looks GREAT! xo

  5. Are you sure you're not a national geographic photographer? These pictures are AMAZING! I love them all :)

  6. Linds, if you know anyone, I wouldn't mind a job with Nat Geo ;)

  7. Hi, great photos. Could I use the yoga pic on top of Mt Batur on our website ?? We also take groups up Batur and this is a great idea for a photo?
    Miss Ronnie