Thursday, July 8, 2010

One of my top 5 "must-see's" in Ubud

Ok, so maybe not everyone gets as much of a thrill from textiles as I do, but even if you don't dream of one day having a house filled with gorgeous fabrics, you still should check out the Indonesian Textile Arts Center if you're ever in Ubud. a) it's free, so that's pretty sweet; b) it shows the traditional woven and dyed fabrics of different island states in Indo and gives a history of why they're made and what they're used for; c) weaving is a dying art in Indo and the co-op helps to maintain and support the culture and idenity of the different groups; d) it's also fully sustainable, supports the women who do the weaving, and is just a great organization that is a rarity in Indonesia. Check out the website here to learn more. Now for some visuals...

see, I told you they were beautiful!

and when you get done with the arts center, stop by Sura's Warung down the street for some amazing Indonesian food! Pictured here: fish cooked in banana leaf, seafood satay, and green beans with coconut...mmmmm.

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