Saturday, October 23, 2010

A D.C. birthday

Studying abroad can be an enlightening experience, a drunken experience, and a time when you are allowed to be a different version of yourself, if only for a few months. For me, it was also a time in which I met 4 of my best friends. And though we all live in different cities across the U.S., every 6 months to a year we make the effort to get together and continue to have crazy, sentimental, bust-a-gut laughing weekends. 2010 however was special because some of us were able to see each other more than once; case in point, Sara from the great state of Minnesota came to DC for her 26th bday and Meghan from Boston flew down to join.

We danced, we ate, we toured the hell out of DC (Sara had never been before and was determined to see EVERYTHING) and we parted knowing that we'd be seeing each other again in a couple weeks, this time in NYC. Love study abroad.

(some photos courtesy of the great Sara Ibis)


  1. I tried doing that collage thing that all of you more experienced bloggers do, but it just wouldn't work for me!

  2. So glad you all had a good time in your new hometown. Have you considered a get together at the beach? Our beach house is always available to you and your London girls. :)