Thursday, October 28, 2010

Brooklyn, Brooklyn, take me in...--Avett Brothers

I did a very poor job documenting the last London Ladies reunion in Brooklyn--we were just having too much fun! The premise of the trip was the Avett Brothers concert, held in Radio City Music Hall, but of course, any excuse for us all to get together is just fine by us. A few of us did a 'touristy' day and walked over the Brooklyn bridge starting from the Brooklyn side. Other than the speeding bikes on one side of the walkway and the unobservant European tourists invariably in their way, it was a highly enjoyable experience--great views of Manhattan, the Harbor, and the Statue of Liberty!
pretty Brooklyn
BK bridge with Manhattan bridge in the background

Toalsie and Sara on the bridge (note Euro tourist in the bike lane!)
lower Manhattan

thanks, I like it here.

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  1. how good was that show??!! MJ and I thought about seeing them again in Ashville for NYE!