Thursday, May 20, 2010


Translation in Indonesian: to go for a stroll...
Also, my favorite new phrase. So the first full day everyone started arriving and naturally congregated to the pool--28 women and 2 guys. Why more men don't do yoga with those statistics, I'll never understand. Bali is hot and humid and there are bugs galore, but it's the most lush place you'll ever see and the smells are just fantastic. Also, the fruit here is divine and you can get a lassi anywhere, which really just makes it all worth it.

pool party

3 minutes down the road is Canggu beach

I love how the temples blend in with the environment

temple on the beach

one of our guardians

one of my new friends at the beach after our venture out to the local warong for papaya lassis and banana pancakes (and yes, they are as delicious as they sound!)

another couple of the girls surfing

more surfers

my favorite little guardian

banana tree forest

some of the orchids at the villa


  1. as i sit at my desk, i find myself daydreaming that i am sitting on one of those beaches with you. i hope you are having a blast and eating tons of garlic to keep away those mosquitoes :)

  2. Thanks for the photos. It looks like heaven. Is the water warm?