Monday, May 24, 2010

Rainy day in paradise

End of day 6 and we are all ready for a couple of well-deserved days off. Here's a little run-down of how my days have been going:
My day starts at 7am with an asana and pranayama practice (breathing with postures) and that goes 'til 9:30. We get an hour for breakfast, then back to class which is sometimes lecture, but the last couple days has been foundation of postures which means you're learning by doing the movements and breaking them apart to know how to teach them. Break for lunch at 12:30, back at 2, and then more class til 6:30pm. I am gaining so much knowledge but by the end of the day I'm basically just mentally, physically, and energetically exhausted! It's all pretty amazing though, can't wait to see what the next week brings...I may never want to leave here. ;)

View from the yoga shala--over some thatched roofs is the Indian Ocean.

stretching those hammies

practicing our balance

Tomorrow some of the girls and I are heading up to Ubud for the day to get a sense of the culture...and the markets too of course.



  2. you're going to have the most amazing bod when you get back.

  3. this is incredible emmie!! what an experience.

  4. Love the pix, but I'd love to see one of you in Bali. Love you and miss you! xoxo